Velocity-based resistance training

Fundamentals of velocity-based resistance training (2017)

González-Badillo JJ, Sánchez-Medina L, Pareja-Blanco F, Rodríguez-Rosell D

ISBN 978-84-697-6489-3 (205 pages, color)

This book explains in detail several recent studies that constitute the theoretical and experimental foundation of the use of movement velocity as a referent for the monitoring and assessment of strength training. These investigations have been led by Dr. Juan José González Badillo, pioneer in the use of velocity monitoring and deep connoisseur of the sport phenomenon. The contents presented here represent a major paradigm shift in the way of understanding training. The text is aimed at sports coaches, physical trainers working in the field of physical and athletic performance, but also students, researchers and teachers in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and, in general, anyone interested in the scientific basis of sports training and performance.

The main objective of this book is to explain the contribution that velocity monitoring can make to the improvement of training methodology. This improvement will come about if, using the variable velocity correctly, we can accurately ascertain what load has been applied and what effect has been produced by that load. We analyze the progress made in the last 15 years in the knowledge of the role of movement velocity in its application to resistance training. We believe that this contribution is decisive to progress in the Science of Sports Training.

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